Our goal is job creation. Jobs create a sustainable income, a future for families, self-worth and can change a nation. But, we don’t only want to just create jobs, we want to create a work environment that is healthy and thriving for our employees. We want employees to gain skills that can transfer to all areas of life. We want employees to know their kids have a safe place to go each day while they work. We want employees to have the hope and confidence to plan for their families future.

Literacy Program

In partnership with West Elm, Clinton Global Initiative, and PRODEV foundation, we have been able to provide adult education for the artisans that are illiterate. The classes are made up of artisans from around Port-au-Prince who are learning to read, write and gain financial literacy. This opens a door of opportunity for them that goes far beyond a paycheck. Classes like this help to elevate generation illiteracy and advance individuals holistically.

Micro Loans

Through our partnership with Sogebank, we have been able to provide micro loans to employees. These loans empower them to start their own small business, purchase land, or build a house. It is truly a life changing opportunity that most of the local population does not have access to.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts may seem like a small thing, but to many, they are a luxury. With a bank account you can have a peace of mind, knowing that your money is in a safe place free from theft and robbery. Having a bank account also allows one to acquire a Debit Card, keeping people connected to the developed world.

Apparent Project Institute

Job skills and advancement are important to us. Over the past year, one of our managers Pierre has spent time in the Apparent Project, Washington state office learning English, computer and office skills. He is now back in Haiti and sharing his knowledge with his fellow managers. There are over 20 students that attend class each day to further their education and professional growth. We are excited about equipping artisans with the right tools to succeed.

Apparent Project On-Site Daycare

Apparent Project started in late 2009 with four women who were at risk of relinquishing their children to an orphanage because of their economic situations. Five years and a whole lot of jewelry later, we are excited to see the difference that this project has made in the lives of over 300 artisans. But not just the artisans. Their children. Their families. The community.

Because we are all about keeping families together, we have always allowed moms to bring their infants to work with them. As we have grown, we have noticed the increasing need to come along side our most at-risk moms and help them care for their babies while they are at work.

Even at a living wage for most people, how does a single mom, 4 kids – 2 of them being infant twins, logistically provide quality care for her children when she is at work all day? Once the children are of school age, this is no longer a problem but we want to offer a service for the “in between” times or special cases. The times when it’s logistically difficult for that mom to care for her babies while working.

This has been a dream and goal for some time now and we are excited to finally see it unfolding. We have times during the year when our sales slow way down and the artisans hours are cut back to part time. These times are hard on them and really hurt the babies as well. The Daycare Center will provide a safety net for them and allow these parents to know that their children will have quality care while they are at work. It would also give the children an additional meal each day and by supplying educational toys, puzzles, and games, that are not always available to them, it will help with their development.

Apparent Project Pre School

Apparent Project opened the onsite Day Care in the Spring of 2014, their vision was to not only offer a safe place for the artisan’s children while they worked, but a quality education as well. This idea blossomed into a preschool, and soon adding an additional grade-kindergarten, and an additional grade for each year after, seeing these children all the way through their education. A truly amazing program.

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