"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

- Audrey Hepburn



The Papillon Potager is a long-term initiative and partnership with Harvest107 to promote nutrition and sustainability while providing jobs and education. This all organic Harvest107 garden produces healthy food supplementations for our staff and patrons of The Cafe at Papillon Enterprise.

Featured Crops

Kale & Moringa can be added to smoothies for an all natural vitamin/energy boost.

Lettuce & Tomato are the perfect addition to the famous Angus Burger at The Cafe.

Basil, Mint, & Oregano add flare and nutritional value to our specialty drink menu

Did You Know?


Urban Gardening has the potential to alleviate two of the world’s most crucial problems: poverty and waste.

This project has the potential to provide economic regeneration and stability to the growing population.

Increased gardens and plants in cities improve air quality close to pollution sources.


Harvest107 founder Gracie Pfaff

Our Partner - Harvest107

In the summer of 2013, 12-year-old Gracie Pfaff read a book based on a true story of how one teacher changed the fate of a failing family farm. The story inspired her so much that she immediately began to ponder food insecurity and small scale farming. Gracie had dreams of going to Africa to teach hungry people how to grow their own food in sustainable ways. Her parents supported her dream, but encouraged her to start local. So, Gracie founded Harvest107 and began making her impact at a small school just outside of Nashville, TN. Harvest107 fights hunger and malnutrition through sustainable agriculture projects, education, and employment opportunities.

Now age 15, Gracie is one of the youngest service leaders in the world. Some kids may have been satisfied with the school project that fed about 24 families, but her heart is now set on preventing hunger in sustainable ways for every person on the planet. After a month-long trip with her family to Haiti in early 2014, Gracie knew where Harvest107 needed to go next. She and her family now live in Port-Au-Prince, creating sustainable urban micro-farms for impoverished communities throughout Haiti.

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